Question : I do not want to spend on renovation.  Can I find a traditional office that is renovated?

  • Answer:Yes, usually when the out-going tenant has not moved out.  Fitted traditional offices form the minority in the office availability.



Question :Can we request for the landlord to renovate the office and build in to the rental?

  • Answer:Usually no. There is only a very small handful of landlords who are willing to renovate on behalf of the tenant.


Question :Are we expected to reinstate the unit back to original condition.  What is the estimated reinstatement cost?

Answer:Usually the clause in the tenancy agreement will stipulate that the tenant is to strip off all that they have added on the unit including and not limited to partition walls, ceilings, lightings, power points, blinds, cabinets, air-conditioning units etc to the original condition which the tenant took over. However, exception is usually made if the next tenant is willing to take over in the fitted condition.

Reinstatement cost will usually range from $5-$12psf depending on the scope of work.




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